Why I Pull (oil that is).

Oil Pulling

OIL PULLING is a habit I have adopted for the health and cosmetic benefits. I oil pull every morning with coconut oil and over the past year that I have been oil pulling I have found my teeth are whiter, my eyes are whiter, my breath is always fresh and sweet, my complexion is brighter and my energy levels are up.Here’s how it’s done:
1.Upon arising each morning, prior to breakfast and regular tooth brushing, actively swish up to 1 tablespoon of natural organic coconut oil through teeth and around gums for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Just for the record, you can use any pure oil like sesame or olive. However, coconut oil is the most popular because of its powerful healing properties.
Fair warning: When you first put the coconut oil in your mouth it’s often not fully melted, so it has a weird “thicker” sludge like consistency. Just hang tight, the oil will melt in a second and be reduced to a thinner oil base with a much kinder taste. Second option. You can warm the coconut oil before hand so you don’t feel like you’re chomping on Crisco for those first few seconds. If you still feel like you’re going to gag, you may want to opt for pure sesame or olive oil.
2. If pressed for time, continue swishing while taking a shower, moving about the house, or conducting other morning routines. Rinse and brush well when you’re finished.
3.Be very careful not to gargle or swallow the coconut oil so you don’t ingest the bacteria, viruses and fungi you have so carefully swished loose. After 20 minutes, spit the oil into a trash receptacle, but not the sink, because the oil could solidify and clog your sink.