Q&A with DEEP SOUTH FIT: What are the top five rules to live by if I am trying to lose weight and get fit?

Q: What are the top five rules to live by when a person is trying to lose weight and get fit?

A: 1. You must have a WHY. What is the reason you want to make these changes in your life? This WHY will help push you on those days you feel like giving up, or feel like you aren’t progressing, or you are tempted by that cheat meal. Write down the reason WHY you want to make these changes. (I want to set a healthy example for my kids, I want to get off my medications, I want to live a long full life). Write down your WHY and post it everywhere…in your car, on every mirror in your home, on your refrigerator. This will be the heartbeat behind your success. Your body will only go where your mind goes first.
2. Focus on the end result, not on the process. Envision clearly what your life will look like once you reach your goals. Picture what your body will look like, what your family meals will look like, what you will feel like. If you focus on the process, you will get discouraged, if you focus on the positive end result, you will get there.
3. Understand that your weight loss is 80% DIET and 20% FITNESS. Abs are made in the kitchen. You can spend hours at the gym on the treadmill, taking cardio classes, working out… but if your diet is not on point, you will not see the results you want and you will get discouraged. Instead you should focus carefully on your diet, eliminating those foods that are causing you to carry that extra weight, and stay consistent DAILY with replacing unhealthy eating habits with healthier ones. Once you start eating the “right foods” you will gain more energy, feel lighter, feel better and lose weight. Once you start dropping the weight, you will become more excited about working out and watching your body change as you incorporate fitness into your life.
4. Commit to making changes to your diet and sticking to them for 30 days…NO CHEATS. Keep your grocery shopping around the perimeter of the store: fruits and vegetables and meats. Stay away from the packaged food in the aisles. Set a goal to eliminate C.R.A.P. from your diet: CARBS (starchy carbs including bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) REFINED SUGARS (snacks, soda, juice, kids snacks, candy, desserts) ADDED EXTRAS (sauces, dips, dressings, toppings. These usually are full of sugar and unhealthy fats that will slow down your metabolism and hinder the fat burning process).PROCESSED FOOD (if you can buy it at a fast food restaurant or in a box, if it has more than one or two ingredients and ingredients you can’t pronounce, it’s probably processed food.) We also encourage you to remove GLUTEN from your diet as well as DAIRY products, as they cause a mucus buildup around the lining of your stomach that will cause a number of health problems including inflammation and bloating. The goal here is to eat food in its most natural state. Do your research on the PALEO diet.

5. Incorporate FITNESS into your daily routine. Commit to at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Start where you are and work your way up. If you can find an accountability partner, someone to work out with you, your chances of success are far greater. If you have never worked out before, start by walking for 30 minutes a day, then work up to a jog, then before you know it you will be able to run a full mile. Push yourself though, always try to go a step farther than you did yesterday. Once you feel comfortable with higher intensity cardio, move on to weight training. Incorporate weights into your daily exercises. This not only will help you to burn fat faster as your body builds muscle and becomes a 24/7 fat burning machine, but you will start to see muscle definition and toning, as opposed to cardio that will only help you to burn fat and lase weight. Exercise at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes each day, but try to incorporate some type of fitness into every day of your life so as to make it a lifestyle. If you have kids, involve them with your fitness too. Walk with them, bring them to the park and run around and play with them, encourage outdoor activity. Their energy will help keep you moving and encourage you as well.


-Aaron and Linnea Weikleenget are successful multi-business owners that share their passion for health and fitness with friends and clients across the country- from the Deep South of Mississippi where they currently reside to the Great Lakes of Illinois and Minnesota where their childhood roots were planted. Success for a balanced life comes from not only eating better and getting exercise, but from balancing  all aspects of your health: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This page is dedicated to sharing those secrets to health and wealth, and helping others do the same.