Kettle Bell Home Workout

We love incorporating home workouts into our fitness routine. You can get a great total body workout using kettle bells. Aaron uses 55 pound kettle bells and Linnea uses 25 pound kettle bells. Try this high intensity home workout using just your body and a kettle bell!
-100 yard sprint
-kettle bell clean and press 5 each arm
-plyo lunges 8 each leg
-pull-ups 10
-plyo push-ups 10, Regular push-ups 10
-kettle bell goblet squats 15

Do it yourself fruit and veggie wash

Do it yourself fruit and veggie wash

This is how we clean our fruits and veggies. Eat clean and make sure your food is clean of pesticides by soaking in vinegar. Fruits and vegetables with tough skins that you remove (like pineapple, banana and orange) don’t carry the same risk of carrying pesticides as fruits with skins that you eat (like apple, tomato, pepper, cucumber).